About annie lynne

 Annie Lynne is an award-winning Graphic Designer and educator with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from the Memphis College of Art. She worked in the Memphis community and at several advertising agencies and is currently a member of the Graphic Design faculty at Bowling Green State University.

She is a well-rounded designer, having working in apparel, promotional products, corporate branding, web design, illustration, consultation, marketing, and more. She is a jack of all trades and a master of branding. Her skill and hard work in design is evident, as she is a seven-time recipient of gold American Advertising Federation (ADDY) awards for her branding, social media, and community work.

Past clients include FedEx, ServiceMaster, International Paper, Youth Villages, NuVasive, Merry Maids, TruGreen, Kroger, Sweetbay, Florida State Fair Authority, and Chik-Fil-A.

Her nephews and nieces are her inspiration and she has been crafting, designing, and making art with them for over fifteen years. She is a dedicated educator and passionate designer who negotiates a fun and challenging learning environment for all of her students.

She loves her dog, cats, birds, boyfriend, and pineapple. 

She is a unique flower.

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Following always a student-centered pedagogy, Annie believes that what a student puts into college is what they will get out of it. She sees it as her job to facilitate this process and provide students with the WHY and HOW instead of just the WHAT.  


Annie has many passions in life, one of which is to create positive change through design. Using her skills and first-hand knowledge, she is actively involved in research on mood disorders and the stigmas they bear. She navigates this world on a daily basis, always asking how to combat these stigmas through design.


An award-winning Graphic Designer, Annie has worked for clients on a global scale. Her true passion lies in branding and typography -- the intersections of type and design always lighting a fire inside of her. A  creature of many interests and a juxtaposition of herself, she describes her style as "colorful, plain, busy, beautiful".